years experience

Founded in 1998, MEDSERVIS Western Ukrainian Center LLP has become one of Ukraine’s leading firms in the field of medical equipment maintenance.

The company has passed certification for maintenance, repair, installation, commissioning, testing and measurement of initial parameters of medical equipment and measuring equipment for medical purposes.

Main activities: development, research, production, service, installation, sale of modern medical equipment.

Under its OBERIG brand, the company offers a wide range of medical products:

  • electric air sterilizers;
  • patient monitors, including a centralized monitoring system;
  • anesthetic respiratory equipment electrocardiographs;
  • devices for artificial lung ventilation;
  • recirculators are bactericidal;
  • X-ray protective clothing;
  • operating tables;
  • operational lamps;
  • medical consoles.

This equipment is certified in the countries of the European Union, successfully passed certification, metrological attestation and registration in Ukraine.

OBERIG equipment is a product of the introduction of the latest technologies of the world’s leading companies in the field of medical equipment, it has no equal in the medical equipment market in terms of the optimal ratio of affordable prices and world-class quality. Highly qualified specialists of the Western Ukrainian center “MEDSERVIS” carry out fast and high-quality installation of centralized medical gas supply systems, ventilation systems, hydraulic tests of autoclaves, installation of cryogenic gasifiers of various volumes, installation of sterile rooms (clean rooms).

The Western Ukrainian center “MEDSERVIS” offers its clients world-class quality medical products and service throughout Ukraine.