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Electric air sterilizer "OBERIH"

In recent decades, ecological situation in the world has significantly deteriorated. High air pollution, an increase in the number of new types of viruses and bacterial strains prompted the team of Medservis Western Ukrainian Center LLC to develop and patent the Electric air sterilizer "OBERIH".

The company, founded in 1995, has become one of the leaders in the field of medical equipment maintenance in Ukraine. The certified activities are as follows: development, research, production, maintenance service, installation, sale of modern medical equipment.

Electric air sterilizer "OBERIH" is a unique device that has no comparable counterparts in the world. The device has passed clinical trials at the Institutes of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine (in particular, the Institute of Epidemiology and Infectious Diseases named after L.V.Hromashevskyi) and is a medical device. Its usage is especially relevant during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Technical specifications "OBERIH" ESP-2P-1 (in Ukrainian: «ОБЕРІГ» ЕСП-2П-1)

Capacity, m3/hr 850
Dimensions, mm 905*405*210
Power, V 220V 50Hz
Concentration scale of negative air ions in a room up to 450m3, 1/cm3 5,000
The inactivation (destruction) efficiency of all types of microorganisms Not less than 99%

Currently, the company develops prototypes of other sterilizer modifications, which will be different in design and performance.

The device performs three processes simultaneously:

  • air sterilization. The method involves inactivation of microorganisms and viruses in the bipolar corona discharge without ozone emission.
  • disposing - negatively charged particles settle on positively charged elements, further cleaning completes the process.
  • air ionization - saturation of air with negative ions.

Air disinfection is achieved in a fundamentally different way than in traditional devices.

As tests have shown, the efficiency of sterilization is much higher than those of classical devices based on ultraviolet bactericidal irradiators.

Cultures from air samples after device operation show zero growth even in blood nutritional medium.


  1. lack of ozone
  2. there is no need for periodic replacement of consumable materials.

The above effects make the following use of this device:

  • in healthcare facilities (primarily in "clean rooms", i.e., in surgery rooms, post surgery rooms, resuscitation and intensive care units, dressing rooms, manipulation rooms, as well as in wards);
  • in the pharmaceutic industry, in the food industry (food storage);
  • in educational establishments, sports and health institutions;
  • in the agricultural sector (hotbeds, vegetable vegetable storehouses, etc.);
  • at airports, railway stations, offices, hotels, public transport, etc.